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Judith UelandJudith Ueland is a member of the British Columbia Genealogical Society and has held various positions within the Society as the President, Treasurer, and has been a member of the BCGS Board for the past fifteen years. She produces a monthly “Slide Show for the Members Meetings and is co-editor of the BCGS Newsletter. She has been searching family roots since the 1970s in Canada and the United States and has successfully traced various family links to The United Kingdom. Her travels have taken her to England, Scotland and Salt Lake City which has enabled her to write family history articles for The British Columbia Genealogist and to act as the Canada and United States Education Facilitator. Judith is a member of the United Empire Loyalists, Vancouver Branch and has researched a family line back to the early 1700’s and is in the process of proving the connection with the Dominion offices. She is currently working on a history of her Scots-Irish 'Johnston Wallace' line in order to expand the family information about her ancestors into an online book form.