Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the conference?

The Family History Conference is a FREE family history workshop. Just come to enjoy learning how to research your family history.

How much will I be charged for lunch?
  • You may pre-order a sack lunch on the website when you register. Pay when you arrive at the conference. Lunch cost is $7:00. It includes a generous bunwich, a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. Snacks and sweets may be purchased separately at the snack table. Pre-order on registration form.
Is there a fee for parking?

No, there is ample parking on the site.

How many classes can I sign up for?

You will be able to attend five classes throughout the conference. As you register, you can let us know which classes most interest you so we can be sure to offer the most popular classes in large enough rooms. However, all classes will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I register the day of the conference?

Can I register the day of the conference? Although you will be allowed to attend the conference if you register the day of, you will not be guaranteed printed materials. We suggest you pre-register to help us gauge class sizes and sack lunch availability.

If I register beforehand, will I have to register again on the day of the conference?

No. You will need to check in to get your materials, but your registration is complete once you do it online, by telephone or via mail.

Will there be coffee provided Saturday morning for attendees?

Coffee will not be offered but there will be apple cider, herbal teas and water for sale.

Is there a dress code since this is in a church?

There is not a dress code for this workshop. We recommend you wear something that will be comfortable throughout the day.

Do I need to know anything about family history to participate?

No. There are several classes that will benefit anyone who wants to start doing genealogy but hasn’t yet started. You can also visit our Family History Center to receive one-on-one help in getting started during regular business hours. Please contact your nearest family history centre for location and hours of operation.